Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Elisa. I’m a certified personal trainer, an ambassador of a healthy and active lifestyle, and an avid traveler. My mission is to be healthy and feel good, no matter where I am.

My friend lately said something that stuck to my mind: he told me that his goal (physically) is to be able to go on adventures. The exercise he does is based on the fact that he wants to develop his body for activities like hiking a mountain, doing handstands, surfing or climbing.

I could relate to his ideology 100%, only he was the one who could actually verbalize it. The reason I’m into combining strength, endurance, stability and flexibility exercises, rather than putting emphasis on only one, is that it arms me with a strong and functional body that I can use to do a range of adventurous, skill-specific activities with.

For me, exercising is therapy – yet I’m all about balance and general well being. Eating healthy food and sleeping lots, for instance, are some of my favorite things in the world!


Living a healthy life – eating nutritious food and moving your body – should be enjoyable and make your life less stressful.

That’s what Zen in Shape is all about:

Inspiring you to live a healthy and happy life, whilst achieving results and feeling great in your own skin.

It’s about giving you tips and information that you can use to find your individual path, that leads to the healthiest you.

It’s about feeling zen: feeling calm and having faith in yourself, even if changing your lifestyle required a bit of effort!

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